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Admission and signing-up for first semester with German entrance requirement for higher education

Applicants with German entrance requirement and applicants equal to those have to apply at: hochschulstart.de for Veterinary Studies at Freie Universität Berlin.

What are the main criteria for admission?

10 % of the study places are reserved for special groups of applicants, e.g. foreigners, people applying for a second study. The rest is being distributed as follows:

  • 20% to the best school graduates
  • 60% by the university itself
  • 10% first to special applicants, the rest according to the waiting time

hochschulstart.de is making a preselection for those applicants who are admitted by the university itself.

The following table shows the criteria of preselection for the semester coming up:


university selection

grade: < 2,5

preferred City: Berlin first place

no admission to summer semester

grades, test, school classes biology, chemistry, physics if taken during the last four semesters of school and graded with at least five points

Further information on the admission from the university itself

Applicants who were pre-selected receive an invitation to the test of ability to study. According to law the preselection is made as follows:

  • qualification for higher education (grades!)
  • the test of ability to study (subject specific)
  • and a completed vocational training (related to veterinary medicine)

Dates for the test are of further notice. Invitations are sent in the beginning of august and contain date, time, place and required materials.

Rejection, admission and immatriculation

If you are admitted because of your very good grades or your waiting time, you receive your note of authorization during august. The rejections are also sent.

If you participated in the test you may not get notice until September.

 In case of admittance you will also receive mail from Freie Universität Berlin with further information for immatriculation.