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  • Disinfectant tests according to the guidelines of the "German Veterinary Society" for the areas "Food" (A, B and C), "Veterinary practice" and "Animal husbandry"
  • Proteom analysis using 2D / DIGE and MALDI-TOF / TOF
  • Species identification of bacteria and fungi using MALDI-Typing
  • Detection and typing of multiresistant bacteria (patient and environmental screening)
    • MRSA
    • ESBL
    • CPE
  • Detection of Salmonella enterica
    • bakteriological
    • serological (ELISA, pig)
  • Detection of Yersinia enterocolitica
    • bakteriological
    • serological (ELISA, pig; western blot)
  • Detection of Prototheca spec.
    • cultural
    • molecular (PCR, tissue)
    • serological (ELISA, Milk and blood, cattle)