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Joint research project "Spread of antibiotic resistance in an agrarian landscape" (akronym: SoARIAL)

The spread of antibiotic resistance is a major threat to public health. Drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria are highly prevalent in feces from fattening pigs and broiler chickens, and the fertilization of agricultural land with their manure leads to environmental pollution with resistant bacteria. Within the projekt dust-associated emissions of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria from fertilized fields will be quantified and the dependence on soil properties and agricultural management will be elicidated. This data will allow to model bacterial emission fluxes and dispersal, to assess the risk of dust-associated transmission, and to evaluate strategies for mitigation. The research network will provide essential contributions for a consistent One-Health concept.

For more infomation, please see at the homepage below.

Homepage: https://www.dsmz.de/research/dzif-group-microbial-genome-research/projects/soarial.html