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Joint research project "Development of measures for reduction of antibiotic resistant bacteria along the entire poultry production chain" (akronym: EsRAM)

  • Funded by: Federal Ministry for Nutrition and Angriculture (BMEL)
  • Involved Persons: Prof. Dr. Uwe Rösler, Dr. Anja Blasse, Dr. Anja Friese, Caroline Robè
  • 11 partner Institutions, coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Rösler
  • Funding period: 1/2016 - 6/2019

The Goal of the joint research project "EsRAM" is the development of products, processes and measures for the reduction of transfer and of development of antibiotic resistant bacteria along the entire poultry production chain.

The overall aim of the EsRAM project is to produce "poultry meat with a reduced burden of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, particularly MRSA and ESBL". Individual products, procedures or measures to be developed are: i) new and improved methods and technologies for disinfection of hatching eggs and for hatchery management to reduce the vertical transfer of ESBL and MRSA, ii) Methods for decontamination of faeces from poultry farming in terms of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, iii) Development and optimization of housing factors, hygiene measures and feeding regimes and their combinations to reduce the prevalence of ESBL in broilers, iv) Development of an effective defined Competitive Exclusion Culture for significant reduction of colonization of ESBL in broilers, v) Development of prebiotics, probiotics and phytogenic additives to reduce the colonization in the intestine of broilers with ESBL, vi) Optimization of existing and development of new methods and technologies for the slaughter and processing of poultry, as well as optimization of the slaughter and processing management to reduce the vertical and horizontal transfer of ESBL and MRSA, and vii) Development of an data-based electronic assessment tool for the assessment of procedures and measures for a synergistic production of antibiotic-resistant pathogens throughout the entire poultry production chain.

Homepage: http://www.vetmed.fu-berlin.de/einrichtungen/institute/we10/forschung/BMEL-Forschungsverbund-EsRAM/index.html