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Pasteurella I

Molecular Epidemiology of Pasteurella multocida from the Respiratory tract of Swine


The Gram-negative bacterium P. multocida is the causal organism of enzootic bronchopneumonia and Rhinitis Atrophicans in swine, which is a notifiable disease.  It is not known, how far commercial vaccines for combating this infectious disease among swine reflect the epidemiological relevance of Pasteurella strains. This study therefore focuses on P. multocida isolates from the upper and lower respiratory tract from healthy and infected swine. Using Multiplex PCRs and ribotyping, capsule types, virulence genes, as well as the Phylogenetic relatedness of these isolates are determined. The acquired data would provide information about the current P. multocida strain population in swine, and form the basis for the selection of vaccine strains against the enzootic bronchopneumonia and Rhinitis Atrophicans in swine.





  • Freie Universitaet Berlin, department of veterinary medicine, institute for microbiology and epizootics, Pasteurella