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Crowdfunding campaign for 2 schools in Kenya

We are raising funds to improve conditions at two elementary school in northwestern Kenya.

News from Dec 13, 2022

We are asking for donations to support two schools in northwestern Kenya. The Bumula and the Kapchonge Elementary Schools are both in Bungoma County. In both schools, the classrooms and sanitary facilities are disastrous. 1200 students at Bumula and 770 students at Kapchonge School share few toilets and have no toilets at Bumula and only one working water source for hand washing at Kapchonge. In the majority of classrooms, children sit on the sandy floor as there are no school desks or tables. The classrooms have no windows or doors and are in a very poor condition for renovation.
We know these schools and their situation through our research project on infectious agents and would like to try to improve the situation of the students with your help.
Please donate here so that we can take care of the following:

- New toilet blocks in both schools - School desks and benches for all classrooms.
- Renovate and repair the classrooms

We will work with local teachers and parents to ensure that the funds are used directly for these purposes.

We thank you for your support!
Susanne Hartmann and the team of the Institute of Immunology of Freie Universität Berlin

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