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  • Analyses and sorting of cells from different species, organs and compartments
    (e.g. mouse, human, pig, dog; lymphatic organs, gut, skin, blood, epithelia)
  • Analyses and sorting of cell lines, infected cells, transfected cells/organisms
    (e. g. lymphocytes, cell lines, transfected cells)
  • Sorting of infectious material (S2); requests for the sorting of material potentially harmful to the staff may be rejected


Our service includes:

  • Operator-based cell sorting
  • Independent sample acquisition and analyses

Our cell analyzer BD FACS Canto II is equipped with 3 lasers (405, 488 and 632 nm) and our cell sorter FACS ARIA III with 4 lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm und 632 nm).



service fee / h

Analyser (Canto II)

25 €

Sorter (Aria III)

70 € (incl. operator)

Currently the service of the FCCF is only available to members of the Freie Universität Berlin.