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Veterinary medicine

For veterinarian students, the learning platform "Blackboard", which is used at the Free Universiy of Berlin to convey teaching content in the protected area, is the tool of choice.

The Blackboard loginscreen you find on https://lms.fu-berlin.de

Access to the protected e-learning area is only available from your Blackboard access

blackboardbutton e-learningbutton

Students of 'Freie Universität Berlin' are automatically registered with their FU account (formerly ZEDAT account) on the 'https://lms.fu-berlin.de' page for the first time to use the central learning platform Blackboard. To do this, select "Login with FU account" on the blackboard login page 'https://lms.fu-berlin.de', enter your FU account data on the single sign-on page of ZEDAT and confirm the terms of use and the transfer of your FU account. You can then use the learning platform immediately.

Run the run the browser check to prevent playback problems.

The technical hotline of the CeDIS (Center for Digital Systems), which is supervised by the system, answers technical questions about the Blackboard learning platform. You can find the contact details for CeDIS support here.

Another contact person for problems in information technology are the staff responsible at the Institute of Veterinary Physiology for IT issues Dr. Manfred Sommerer.