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Judith Radloff, PhD, receives Young Scientist Award from the Friends and Sponsors and WDT


Image Credit: Ripp

News from Aug 01, 2019

At the festive doctoral graduation ceremony on 12 July 2019, Ms Judith Radloff, PhD from Berlin, received the Young Researcher Award 2019 from the Society of Friends and Sponsors of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität e.V. and the Wirtschaftsgenossenschaft deutscher Tierärzte eG (WDT). Ms Radloff completed her cumulative inaugural dissertation at the Institute of Veterinary Physiology at Freie Universität under the expert supervision of Prof. Dr Salah Amasheh. The dissertation in the field of biomedical research was awarded the extremely rare distinction of "summa cum laude" and thus clearly stands out from the multitude of doctorates awarded at the Department of Veterinary Medicine.

Ms Radloff's work was dedicated to "Molecular and functional studies on porcine and murine tight junctions of the small intestine". The cumulative dissertation paper prepared for this comprises three original papers published in international journals: These include two studies which she planned, carried out and wrote up as first author, as well as one publication in which she was significantly involved as co-author. This work also provided the basis for the application and approval of a DFG project entitled "Functional and molecular biological characterisation of the epithelial barrier of the follicle-associated epithelium of porcine Peyer's plaques", which has since progressed successfully. Ms Radloff also received a doctoral scholarship from the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation for her work.

We sincerely wish Ms Radloff that the award will inspire her future work and wish her all the best for her future professional and private life.

Congratulations from the team of the Berlin Veterinary Physiology.

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