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E-learning & IT

Dr. Manfred Sommerer

Dr. Manfred Sommerer
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Dr. Manfred Sommerer
Königsweg 56, Hs. 11
14163 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 838 62596
E-Mail: manfred.sommerer@fu-berlin.de

The working group is developing ways to enable students to prepare and revise the content of physiological exercises in virtual teaching environments. In addition to simulations and real films, tet.folio-based interactive screen elements (IBE) are also used. There is close cooperation with the Physiological Exercises working group...


  • Virtual Physiology
    Virtual environment for physiological and pharmacological experiments, interactive and variable as in the "real" laboratory (free demos, development: Dr. H. Braun, University of Marburg)

  • tet.folio (joint venture project, since 2014 with Dr. Sebastian Haase, originally in the Nordmeier working group in physics didactics, since 2022 based in the Department of Education), in whose further development the e-learning working group is significantly involved, especially in the area of improving usability. It is a revolutionary approach that makes a wide variety of objects accessible to students in an integrated manner via a web-based interface, regardless of platform. E-learning, which was previously purely output-oriented, is supplemented by virtual, often real image-based, multimedia and, above all, interactive media elements - which require action from the learner. It is no longer just about imparting knowledge, but about personal, direct and, above all, active engagement with the knowledge to be imparted. Introduction to the subject matter, interactive exercises, questions and answers are combined in one medium. The statement: "Learning from mistakes" takes on a new dimension!
    Further information can be found here.

Information technology (IT)

Initially, tet.folio 'only' played a role in teaching at our institute. With the continuous development of the range of functions, the field of application was expanded to include the faculty and other departments at Freie Universität Berlin. In addition, the range of applications was also expanded.  In 2021/22, for example, several conferences were implemented completely online within a tet.folio-based web portal during the Corona period. In 2023, further web portals were developed in the administrative environment, with the help of which a wide variety of administrative-based questions could be realized in other portals within a data protection-compliant framework.