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Training in Veterinary Specialisation in Epidemiology

The institute offers the possibility to educate as veterinary specialist in epidemiology. The head of institute Prof. Dr. Marcus Doherr as well as Dr. Roswitha Merle are accredited trainers for the veterinary specialisation in epidemiology. The education is organised within the Education Order of Veterinary Chamber of Berlin. "The field incorporates the evaluation, description and quantficiation of diseases, the productivity in animal husbandry as well as the welfare of animals in populations. It investigates those factores that influence the health and disease of animals and populations and develops measures for surveillance and control." (education order of Veterinary Chamber of Berlin)

After four years of occupation in a relevant institution like e.g. our institute candidates can acquire the designation "veterinary specialist in epidemiology" after after passing an examination. Interested persons may contact Prof. Doherr or Dr. Merle.