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About us

Knowledge protects animals!

Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior and Laboratory Animal Science. You can find us at the Campus Düppel. Building 21. (site plan)


The Institute organizes lectures and seminars on animal welfare, animal behavior and laboratory animal science. The animal welfare seminar features current issues including case reports and offers a platform for discussion with official veterinarians and experts.
Furthermore, we cover postgraduate specialization in animal welfare and laboratory animal science.

As part of the Berlin-Brandenburg Research Platform BB3R an online-seminar on alternative methods to animal testing in science and education was organized at the FU Berlin. The online-seminar was honored with an animal welfare award.

In 2015, with the collaboration of the Academy for Veterinary Continuing Education of the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, we established an advanced training course for veterinarians to qualify as an animal welfare officer. The course takes place annually.


The Institute of Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior and Laboratory Animal Science is involved in various cooperations and third-party funded projects. The main areas of scientific interest are:

  • Refinement
  • Replacement
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Behaviour

Doctoral and PhD candidates in a variety of research areas are supervised.

Animal Welfare officer

Dr. Mechthild Ladwig-Wiegard and Prof. Dr. Christa Thöne-Reineke are animal welfare officers. All animal experiments must be authorized by the regulatory authority. Therefore, before an animal experiment is conducted, the project manager has to write an animal study proposal in cooperation with the animal welfare officer. Animal study proposal forms are provided on the homepage of the animal welfare officers.

The animal welfare officer manages the correspondence with the regulatory authority and receives a copy of all documents.