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Forschungsgruppe Lebensmittelmikrobiologie

Adress: Königsweg 69, 14163 Berlin

Contact: Dr. Greta Gölz und Dr. Susanne Fleischmann


  • Qualitative and quantitative detection of bacterial zoonotic pathogens and their molecular characterization

  • Survival strategies and stress response

  • Bacterial communication pathways

In this research group, the main focus is on the comprehensive analysis of foods with regard to their qualitative and quantitative contamination with bacterial zoonotic pathogens. These include well-known representatives such as Campylobacter, Arcobacter and Vibrio. In addition, these bacteria are characterized in detail using sophisticated molecular and biochemical methods, including multilocus sequence typing (MLST), fragment-based amplification of DNA fingerprinting profiles (fAFLP), as well as the detection of toxin and virulence genes using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and serotyping.

Further studies are dedicated to the survival strategies of these bacteria, e.g. the "Viable but Non-Culturable" (VBNC) state, their response to stressful environmental conditions and the complex range of bacterial communication pathways as manifested in quorum sensing.

FAO Reference Centre for Veterinary Public Health