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Research Group Meat Hygiene

Adress: Königsweg 67, Building 21/22, 14163 Berlin

Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. vet. Diana Meemken and Dr. Nina Langkabel


  • Optimization and intervention measures for "zoonosis control along the food chain of different livestock species"

  • Development and validation of "animal welfare and animal health indicators" at slaughterhouse level

  • Development of innovative diagnostic methods for farm animals

  • Hygiene in poultry meat production

  • Comparative study of dual-purpose breed (in chickens) compared to conventional fattening lines

  • Visual contamination assessment and comparison of microbiological status at the time of slaughter of pigs

The research of is a connecting element between livestock farming and food production. Effective measures to combat zoonoses in the food chain of various livestock species are developed and evaluated.

FAO Reference Centre for Veterinary Public Health