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Qualification Program

The qualification program comprises:

  • Newly created modules specific for the RTG students
  • Collaborative, cross-discipline training covering all RTG activities to establish fundamental skills in addition to those needed for the specific scientific research project of each doctoral student
  • Student participation and involvement in a regular students’ day, regular written progress reports, and active attendance in national and international conferences


The educational program is intended to occupy less than six hours per week, since the central part of the qualification program is the research project. In order to warrant transferability and recognition of qualifications, students will earn credit points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) when attending individual components of the educational program. A total of 30 credit points are required over a period of 3 years. The curriculum is designed as independent modules and thus can be combined individually according to the needs and specific interests of each doctoral student.

Five divisions with mandatory and optional components contribute to the curriculum:

  • Colloquia, lectures, seminars
  • Practical courses
  • Scientific communication and meetings
  • Transferable skills training
  • Additional scientific activities
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