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Victor Hugo Jarquín Díaz

Project C8 (associated doctoral resercher)

Victor Hugo Jarquin Diaz
Image Credit: Victor Hugo Jarquin Diaz

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Department of Biology

Molecular Parasitology

Member since: October 2016

Research interest
Molecular identification of parasites; Evaluation of a multimarker metabarcoding strategy to assess eukariotic and bacterial diversity in wildlife models

Title of PhD project
Filling the gap between metabarcoding and genotyping – a case study in Eimeria spp., an intracellular parasite of house mice (Mus musculus) from a hybrid zone

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Heitlinger and Prof. Alex Greenwood

Jarquín-Díaz VH, Balard A, Mácova A, Jost J, Roth von Szepesbéla T, Berktold K, Tank S, Kvičerová J, Heitlinger E (2020).
Generalist Eimeria species in rodents: Multilocus analyses indicate inadequate resolution of established markers.
Ecol Evol 2020;00:1–12.
doi: 10.1002/ece3.5992

Jarquín-Díaz VH, Balard A, Jost J, Kraft J, Dikmen MN, Kvičerová J, Heitlinger E (2019)
Detection and quantification of house mouse Eimeria at the species level – challenges and solutions for the assessment of Coccidia in wildlife.
IJP: Parsites and Wildlife
doi: 10.1101/636662

Norus Ahmed, Nicole Affinass, Emanuel Heitlinger, Anja A. Kühl, Natasa Xenophontos, Victor H. Jarquin, Jenny Jost, Svenja Steinfelder, Susanne Hartmann (2019)
A novel non-invasive method to detect RELM beta transcript in gut barrier related changes during a gastrointestinal nematode infection.
Front. Immunol. 10:445
doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.00445

Jarquín-Díaz, V. H., Barbachano-Guerrero, A., Maldonado-Rodríguez, R., Vásquez-Aguilar, A. A., & Aguilar-Faisal, J. L. (2016). First molecular evidence of Hepatozoon canis in domestic dogs and ticks in fragmented rainforest areas in Mexico. 
Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports6, 4-8

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