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Dr. med. vet. Laura-Kim Schueller

schueller 2017

Fachbereich Veterinaermedizin

Tierklinik für Fortpflanzung



Koenigsweg 65 Haus 27
Room E 3
14163 Berlin
+49 30 838 460154

Skills Lab Net

Heat stress in dairy cows

Heat stress plays a major role in the summer months, especially in high-yielding cows. Depending on intensity and duration, heat stress can lead to a major decrease in milk yield and fertility during hot periods. We are investigating different methods of measuring and determining heat stress in dairy farms to identify and solve problems in climate management. Furthermore we investigate the relationship of climate conditions and reproductive performance of dairy cows in temperate latitudes. Of particular importance is the influence of different heat stress periods and intensities on the resulting fertility under field conditions.

The following results have recently been published on this topic




Innovative teaching methods – Skills Lab

In the Skills Lab for farm animals students can train first day competences and essential skills for livestock practice. With simulators and teaching models students can train different skills and interventions as often and as long as necessary without harming any animal. Thus, in the Skills Lab students can prepare for clinical interventions in teaching as well as on study-related internships and the entry of future veterinarians in livestock practice. In addition to the implementation of interactive and practice-oriented courses, various teaching methods and concepts are validated and evaluated in in the Skills Lab.

Skills Lab: http://www.vetmed.fu-berlin.de/studium/skills-net/Lehrangebot/Standorte/Nutztier-Skills-Lab/index.html

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