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Janna Hinderer (geb. Rehder)

Fachbereich Veternärmedizin

Tierklinik für Fortpflanzung

PhD Candidate

veterinarian; PhD student

Königsweg 65 Haus 27
Room Haus 27 R. 119
14163 Berlin
++49 30 838 460154

Small animal clinic

The establishment of reference intervals for TSH, T4 and fT4 in the serum of healthy bitches over the course of their reproductive cycle

In everyday clinical routine it is not unusual to come across bitches during heat or pregnancy whose thyroid hormones are not within the reference ranges defined by laboratories. This concerns the following parameters: Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), total Thyroxine (tT4) and free Thyroxine (fT4), which can be either elevated or reduced. The clinical significance of this deviation, especially of reduced tT4-values, is hitherto unknown, as there are no corresponding study results.

The definition of specific reference intervals for pregnant or lactating bitches is necessary to enable differentiated thyroid diagnostics. The values will be useful for many reasons in the future, because the thyroid hormones have a considerable influence on the litters’ health as well as the bitches’. The results can be used to identify hyper- or hypothyroidism, facilitate decisions about hormone administration or dosage adjustment, or enable the exclusion of animals with malfunctioning thyroids to obtain healthier breeds in the long run.

The acquisition of data will presumably be an ongoing process throughout the whole year 2018. For this purpose we need bitches from whom we can collect 6 blood samples in the course of a heat, the following pregnancy and the lactation. As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a great package of exams, which consists of two full blood check-ups, one examination to determine the ideal time for mating (examination of the vagina, a vaginal cell sample and the determination of progesterone) and two ultrasonic examinations.

So if you are planning a pregnancy for your bitch in 2018, please contact us!

The examinations will take place in the small animal examination room of the clinic of reproduction (Königsweg 65, 14163 Berlin, Haus 27).