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Dr. med. vet. Carola Fischer-Tenhagen


Fachbereich Veterinaermedizin

Tierklinik für Fortpflanzung


veterinarian; Board certified by German Colleges of Ruminants and Theriogenology

Koenigsweg 65 Haus 27
Room H 34 R 1.23
14163 Berlin
+49 30 838 460154

main research

1) Evaluation of a remedy for calving eases in heifers

Heifers are at high risk for dystocia which is one of most important factor for stillbirth. Consequences of dystocia are reduction in milk production and very often loss of the calf. Denaverinhydrochlorid (Sensiblex) is a remedy that is meant to smooth the soft birth canal and regulate uterus contractions.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of Sensiblex on time calving, extraction force in case of assistance and calf vitality.

2) Prediction of calving time

An effective strategy to reduce stillbirth rate is intensive calving monitoring. In this study two methods for prediction of stage two of calving are tested. First method is a smartphone application which evaluations 5 behavioral signs of imminent parturition on base of an hourly observation. Second is a calving alarm device fixed at the tail of the cow that is supposed to alarm calving via text messages.

Dogs as biosensor for diagnostic based on volatile organic compounds.

Dogs are macrosmatic animals. They are used as sniffer dogs for plenty indications. We have various projects where dogs are trained to identify 1) estrus in cows 2) Staph aureus in milk 3) lung cancer in humans. We make a great effort to develop test systems for dogs to minimize bias due to contamination, dog handler and hidden clues for the dogs.


Our latest project is to develop a simulator for teaching caesarian section in cattle. Due to welfare issues it is not possible to provide the chance for every student to train a caesarian section. But we believe this belong to first day competence. This simulator is to enable the students to exercise every item of this surgery in a realistic model.

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