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HKP-Mon: Recording of antibiotics use and antimicrobial resistance in dogs, cats and horses with associated evaluation system

The use of antibiotics in animals has been discussed for years. Concerning fattening animals, antibiotic use has already been systematically recorded for several years. Due to the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/6, central recording of antibiotic consumption volumes will also be mandatory for dogs, cats, and horses from 2026.

With the project “HKP-Mon” of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Free University of Berlin, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (grant number 2820HS002) and has a project duration of 2021-2024, we want to ensure that data on antibiotic use in dogs, cats, and horses can be transferred from veterinary practices to a software system without great effort and without red tape.

The Bundesverband praktizierender Tierärzte bpt is an associated partner and supports this study.

For a pilot study within the framework of this project, we are looking for 200 veterinary practices and clinics that provide data from their everyday practice. The data collection should be done electronically by linking the practice software with the project database. Necessary adaptations of the practice software will be established by the software providers. At the time of the study, not all practice programs can be considered, so that participation as a pilot practice requires the use of Vetera or Easyvet.

Participating practices have the opportunity to help shape the future data collection with the aim of developing an as practical system, user-friendly and transparent as possible. In addition, you will have an influence on the development of the practice-internal evaluation tools, which will enable you, for example, to obtain a quick overview of the frequency of use in your practice by means of easy-to-understand graphics.

The data on the treated animal, the use of medicines and microbiological tests are collected strictly anonymously and, of course, in compliance with the applicable data protection guidelines (see general data protection declaration). The data cannot be traced back to the individual animal or the animal owner. The data from your practice can also only be viewed by you (individual evaluation) and are evaluated in anonymous form exclusively for study purposes.

We would be pleased to be able to win you over as a pilot practice for our project. At the beginning of the participation, you should expect a small additional expenditure of time, as the use of new functions in the practice software is unfamiliar at first. However, the expansion of the practice software with these functions will significantly facilitate your work in the future, as the maintenance of duplicate databases (antibiotics database in addition to practice software) will not be necessary.

Help shape the future of the veterinary profession and enter your email address and the name of your practice software in the fields below. We will then contact you.

Contact: Roswitha.Merle@fu-berlin.de