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Registration for ISAH 2022

Registration for the ISAH 2022 congress in Berlin is now available.

Congress fees

  • On site congress fees, regular, with certificate (ATF, 16h requested): 250 €
  • On site congress fees, ISAH member (membership fees payed for 2022), with ATF-certificate: 200 €
  • On site ongress fees, students (Certificate to be submitted at time of booking): 150 €
  • Online only fees, with certificate (ATF, 16h requested): 50 €
  • Online only fees, with certificate (ATF, 16 h requested), ISAH member: free of charge
  • Online only fees, for Participants from Ukraine and from developing countries, with ATF-certificate: free of charge

On-site participants, on-site participants ISAH members, on-site participants students and regular online participants please register at the following link.

ISAH 2022 Registration for on-site participants and regular online participants

ISAH members as online participants (from all countries) and online participants from Ukraine and from developing countries (please see the country list below) have the possibility of a free of Charge Online participation. 

This refers to online participants who are ISAH members or who come from the following countries:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Africa, except South Africa
  3. Asia, except China, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates
  4. South America, except Argentinia, Brazil and Chile

If you should be interested on an online only participation and if you additionallly come from one of the above mentioned countries or if you are an ISAH member please register at the following link.

ISAH 2022 Registration for online participants from developing countries and for online participants as ISAH members