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Agricultural and fishery sciences

For students of agriculture and fisheries, as well as students of teaching from the Humbolt University, Freie Universität Berlin is organizing the lecture series "Biology of Animals" at the Department of Veterinary Medicine in the winter semester in Dahlem. The lecturers are specialist in veterinary anatomy, veterinary physiology and zoology.

The lectures take place in the lecture halls of Koserstr. 20.
The best way to reach the venue is by subway via the stations 'Dahlem-Dorf' or 'Podbielski-Allee'. The map of the Campus Dahlem (in the upper right corner of the map).

The lecture series begins on the first Friday of the semester at 08:15 in the auditorium A.
Please see the timetable for more times.

For legal reasons, documentation accompanying the lecture for students of Humbolt University can not be published in the e-learning portal there. You will find the relavant handouts in the access-protected area lectures. The access modalities are provided by the lectures.