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Anne Küntzel was awarded her doctorate with the distinction 'summa cum laude'.


Image Credit: Foto (@ FLI)

News from Jul 10, 2019

As a doctoral student at the Institute of Veterinary Physiology in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Free University of Berlin and as a doctoral student at the Institute for Molecular Pathogenesis at the FLI, Jena site, Anne Küntzel worked on the research topic "Volatile organic substances as biomarkers of infections with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis". She presented her research results in a dissertation of the same name for the degree of Dr. med. vet., which she defended summa cum laude on 4 July 2019 as part of a collegial examination at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Free University of Berlin. Ms Küntzel is first author of 3 original papers published in international journals and co-author of 3 further peer-reviewed publications in renowned journals. In addition, Ms Küntzel has presented the results of her research in the form of lectures and posters at numerous international and national scientific conferences. This is evidenced by 14 published abstracts with Ms Küntzel as first author. At the symposium of the 'International Association of Breath Research' (IABR, 2015, Vienna/Austria), the poster she presented was awarded the first prize for young scientists.
The tasks Ms. Küntzel worked on as part of her doctoral project were essential components of the content of the interdisciplinary cooperation project "Volatile organic compounds (VOC) of pathogen and host as biomarkers of bacterial infections" funded by the DFG (funding reference: RE 1098/4-2, SCHU 1960/4-2).


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