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Lucia Mastrototaro has earned the title 'summa cum laude' for her PhD doctorate.

Honoring the 'summa cum laude'

Honoring the 'summa cum laude'

News from Oct 17, 2016

On 5 October 2016, Lucia Mastrototaro has successfully passed her doctorate examination on the PhD doctorate and received the overall award "summa cum laude". The work focused on the characterization of magnesium transport proteins as well as their possible importance for diseases.

For two of the three characterized magnesium transport proteins, the function was elucidated for the first time without contradiction and older theories were rejected. The cumulatively produced PhD paper included five original publications, which were accepted by high-level specialist journals. Three of the five publications were made by Mrs. Mastrototaro in a first and / or split first-time license. The PhD thesis was financially supported by an Elsa-Neumann scholarship from the State of Berlin. It is particularly noteworthy that Mrs. Mastrototaro, in parallel with her PhD studies in Berlin, has also earned a degree in Clinical Biochemistry at the Catholic University of Rome and has thus achieved a double degree. We congratulate you warmly and wish Mrs. Mastrototaro as a postdoc a good and productive time at our institute.

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