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Liptovsky Mikulas is approximately located 300 km from the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, 360 km from the city of Vienna, 130 km from the city of Krakow, 50 km from the Airport Poprad-Tatry, 120 km from the Airport Kosice, 250 km from Budapest, and 480 km from Prague. The airport in Poprad-Tatry is operated by WizzAir (direct connetions to London). Those flying with Ryanair, Danube Wings, or Czech Airlines will land directly in Bratislava Airport. Transfer by shuttle bus to Bratislava Main Train Station takes 20 minutes. From there, you can take any express or IC train in the direction of Kosice (main train transit line). Trains are operated by the national carrier ZSSK or by RegioJET. Students and retired seniors (both must be EU citizens) are eligible to travel for free in ZSSK express trains. However, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions on the following webpage: http://www.slovakrail.sk/en/zero-fare.html. RegioJET trains are not free! However, they are known as being comfortable (even the second class), and free wifi is the standard. More about the services in RegioJET trains can be found on: https://bustickets.studentagency.eu/?0! The duration of the travel from Batislava to Liptovsky Mikulas is 3 hours with both carriers. Regular express trains take 45 minutes longer. Prague is connected with Liptovsky Mikulas by trains operated by the Czech Railways, ZSSK, RegioJET, and LeoExpress (http://www.le.cz/index.php). Those landing at Vienna-Schwechat Airport can take shuttle busses connecting Vienna and Bratislava (EuroLines/SlovakLines). They run every hour. Transfer to Bratislava (approximately 55 km) takes 45 minutes. From the Main Bus Terminal in Bratislava, you can transfer to the Main Train Station by trolleybus number 210 (it starts at the Bus Terminal and ends at the Main Train Station).

For any particular connections fitting your particular itinerary, please see http://cp.atlas.sk/vlakbus/spojenie/ (also available in English and German). Once you are in Slovakia, travelling is very cheap!

For comfort-seekers, the whole trip including flight tickets can be arranged by the official travel-agent of the conference, PROtour (http://protour.sk). We guarantee that this firm will help you to find the easiest, the most comfortable, and the most budget-friendly travel arrangements, perfectly matching your requirements. Once you are in Liptovsky Mikulas, please locate your hotel (the easiest way is by taxi). We hope to see you at the opening of the conference.

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