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Epithelial Transport

PD Dr. Friederike Stumpff

PD Dr. Friederike Stumpff
Image Credit: Photostudio Charlottenburg.de

Head of Group:

PD Dr. Friederike Stumpff
Oertzenweg 19b, Hs. 11
14163 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 838 62595
eMail: friederike.stumpff@fu-berlin.de

This group investigates transport mechanisms on the level of the tissue and the cell. The major focus of our work is the characterization of transport processes in the ruminal epithelium of cattle and sheep. More generally, we are also interested in analogous mechanisms in gastrointestinal epithelia of the pig.

Central to our current interests is the characterisation of ion channels that play a role in the absorption of fermentational products such as short chain fatty acid ions or ammonium. In this context we are particularly interested in the modulation of these channels by compounds contained in the diet or by phytogenic feed additives.

A number of different methods are used in these investigations, such as the patch clamp technique, ion-selective microelectrodes, Ussing chambers, the pH-stat technique, measurements with fluorescent dyes, immunohistochemistry, and molecular biological methods such as the overexpression of genes in cells.