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Ruminant and Swine Clinic (WE18)


Address: Koenigsweg 65
Building 26
14163 Berlin, Germany
Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin E. Müller
Phone: +49 30 838 62261
Mail: klauentierklinik@vetmed.fu-berlin.de
Webpage: http://www.vetmed.fu-berlin.de­/einrichtungen­/kliniken­/we18­/index.html


The clinic for ruminants and swine deals with all aspects of health of cattle, small ruminants and swine.

The clinic for ruminants runs an animal hospital, where ruminants referred from regional farms, that suffer from surgical and internal diseases, are diagnosed and treated. The ambulatory clinic delivers the same services on the farms. Diagnostic service deals with herd health problems on demand by the local practitioner. The herd health service visits dairy farms in regular intervals, collects data and gives advise with respect to prevention of diseases.

The focus of the activities is directed at the education of veterinary students. To this end the students are involved in all services of the clinic.

The research is directed at various aspects of animal welfare and the improvement of farm animal health.

The swine hospital is a clinic for all clinical disciplines, open for commercial pig herds and private pig holders.

Teaching profile


Clinic for Ruminants:

Clinical Examination, Clinical Case Presentations, Internal and Surgical Diseases (modular and cross sectionial education, electives), Clinical Rotations (Examination and treatment of hospitalized ruminants in the animal clinic, the ambulatoric clinic, farm visitis), Herd Health Management (electives, excursions)

Swine hospital:

Clinical Case Presentations, Internal and Surgical Diseases, Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction (modular education and cross section presentations), Clinical Rotation (exercises in practice relevant methods of pig examination and treatment), Herd Health Support (elective Seminars in Swine Production Medicine and Herd Visits

Research profile

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Clinic for ruminants:

  • Animal hospital and ambulatory clinic for ruminants from regional farms, children's farms, private owners
  • Diagnostic Service (advice for farms on request from local practitioners)
  • Herd Health Service (metabolic profiles)
  • Veterinary Medical Laboratory (samples from veterinary practices and for research purposes)
  • Postgraduate Education

Swine hospital:

  • Herd Health Surveillance and Consulting. Diagnostic Service