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Training in public veterinary services

Training in public veterinary services
(short: Praktikum Veterinärwesen gemäß § 61 und § 62TAppV)

Duration 75 hours within at least 2 consecutive weeks
Timing During the clinical rotations in the 9th semester and 10th semester (October 1 to September 30 of the following year)
Breakdown 1 facility
Facilities Department of veterinary administration, area of responsibility administrative and regulatory law, organizational and administrative knowledge
Requirements §§ 61 and 62 TAppV
Countries Germany
Verification 1 certificate according to Annex 12 TAppV
Learning objectives The learning objectives of the internship can be found in the general catalog for the Veterinary Medicine degree program.
 Evaluation Please hand in the completed questionnaires together with your internship certificate in person at the Library of Veterinary Medicine. The questionnaires can be found in the brochure “Extramural Internships in Veterinary Medicine”.
Further information For further information on the preparation, implementation, confirmation and evaluation of the internship, please refer to the “Extramural Internships in the Veterinary Medicine degree program” and the process description of the extramural internships.