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Evaluations and logbooks of the internships

In order to ensure high standards in veterinary training and to improve the achievement of first-day competencies of graduates (ESEVT Day One Compentence), the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) requires European training institutions to establish quality assurance measures - both for intramural teaching at the university and for extramural teaching in the form of internships. The faculty is therefore obliged to have the internships evaluated by both the students and the internship supervisors and, if necessary, to document the activities carried out in the form of a separate logbook (for the slaughterhouse internship, the hygiene and food testing internship and the internship in public veterinary services).

The logbooks and the evaluation forms are a list of possibilities - they give students and trainers on site an overview of what to expect during the internship and what can be taught. They serve as a status check and also as feedback so that content can be dealt with more intensively at the educational institutions. Depending on the internship company, the points listed here may only be partially feasible - which is why it is also possible to divide the sheet into explained/observed/supervised/independently or none of the answers listed.

In the brochure “Extramurale Praktika im Studiengang Veterinärmedizin” you will find the corresponding internship certificates for each internship as well as two questionnaires - one for you and one for the internship supervisor and, if applicable, the corresponding logbook.

Please hand in the completed evaluations together with the completed, signed logbook signed by the training veterinarian and your internship certificate in person at the Library of Veterinary Medicine (Building 6, Oertzenweg 19 b, 14163 Berlin).

TIP: Submit the evaluations as well as the certificates of the various internships promptly after the internship so that the internship certificates can be submitted to the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LaGeSo) by the internship coordinator in due time.