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Projects in Hyderabad

A7 - Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) (PhD)

Decoding genome encoded host-pathogen protein interactions and response networks involved in c-di-GMP signalling

Dr. Akash Ranjan

A8 - Indian Institute of Technology/University of Hyderabad (PhD)

Genotyping and phenotyping of mycobacterial infections in the catchments of urban Hyderabad

Prof. Dr. Seyed. E. Hasnain

Dr. Niyaz Ahmed

A9  - University of Hyderabad (PhD)

Computational and functional genomics approaches in studyinghost-pathogen interactions

Dr. Vaibhav Vindal

B8 – LEPRA Society (PhD)

Molecular epidemiology, morbidity and co-morbidity of Bancroftian filariasis in endemic states of India - a community based study

Dr. Aparna Srikantam

B9 (PhD) - University of Hyderabad

Structure-function correlation of pneumolysin and mutants using 3-D structure modelling and docking: Relevance for host pathogen interactions

Dr. Kunchur Guruprasad

Dr. Lalitha Guruprasad

B10 (PhD)

Functional role of eicosanoids in host-pathogen interactions

Prof. Dr. P. Redanna

B11 -  LEPRA Society (PhD)

Genetic polymorphisms - Killer Immunoglobin like Receptor (KIR) and HLA-C genes in tuberculosis

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Valluri

B12 (PhD)

Strain specific genes as players in chronic adaptation and persistence of bacterial pathogens: population wide functional epidemiology

Dr. Niyaz Ahmed