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Rules and Regulations, Appendix 2


Appendix 2: Supervisor Agreement according to Section 6, paragraph5 of the Rules and Regulations governing Doctoral Studies Program Biomedical Sciences

at Dahlem Research School of Freie Universität Berlin


 Supervisor Agreement



___________________________________        (Student),


___________________________________        (Supervisor as defined in the

                                                                                                relevant rules and regulations for doctoral studies –

___________________________________        Supervisor – as well as the other member(s) of the supervisory team (Mentor(s))


___________________________________        (The Representative of the

                                                                                                  Doctoral Studies Program – Representative).


1. [Ms. or Mr. First name Last name] has been a student in the doctoral program Biomedical Sciences since Winter Semester 200[X] and as such is working on a dissertation at Freie Universität Berlin with the working title:

"[working title]".

The dissertation project was presented by the student as a part of the admissions procedure to the doctoral studies program Biomedical Sciences and was approved by the Supervisor as well as by the Representative of the doctoral studies program.

2. The dissertation project is to be supervised by a supervisory team in compliance with section 6, paragraph 3. The supervisory team consists of the following university professors:


1.                              .........................................................................................(as Supervisor)


2.                              …………………………………………………………………(as Mentor)


3.                              …………………………………………………………………(as Mentor)


In the event that a member of the supervisory team should resign prior to the submission of the dissertation project, the Representative shall arrange for continuous and adequate supervision.


3. Prior to the commencement of the doctoral studies, based on the content of the project-related doctoral studies program and with the student's and the Representative's consent, the supervisory team shall define the type and the extent of the study units to be completed by the student in accordance with section 6, paragraph 4 while taking into account the measures defined in section 7 through 12. Moreover, the supervisory team shall assure that adequate working conditions are available for the student.

4. The Supervisor shall approve the theoretical and methodological cornerstones of the dissertation project and shall advise the student on how to prepare a suitable work and time schedule. At regular intervals, the Supervisor shall comment on the student's work and shall evaluate it either orally or in writing. Regular reports to the Supervisor by the student shall provide insight into his or her progress. Regular consultation and supervisory meetings shall be convened based on the pre­defined type and extent of the study units to be completed by the student and allowing for special requirements of the specific disciplines. Said meetings shall generally be scheduled once a month during the lecture period. If needed, additional appointments may be convened on short notice. By January 31 of the year following enrollment, the Representative is to be informed should there be any important reasons to modify the composition of the supervisory team. Should this be the case, the Representative shall then take the appropriate steps.

5. The period of time set to complete the dissertation is the predefined period of time as stipulated within the relevant regulations for doctoral studies. In accordance with section 5, paragraph 2 the student shall aim to submit his or her dissertation within the predefined standard study period. The work plan and time schedule provided in the appendix shall apply as amended on [date] or otherwise schedules agreed upon at a later date and attached. These schedules must be approved by the supervisory team. The student shall be obliged to immediately inform the supervisory team in the event of any changes to the work plan and schedule.

6. Before accepting any paid or unpaid part-time employment, the student shall be required to obtain the prior consent of the supervisory team and the approval of the Representative in advance. Permission for part-time employment may be refused if there is reasonable concern that this activity would prevent the student from properly fulfilling the duties and obligations of the doctoral program to the extent required. In particular, permission shall be refused if it is assumed that the demands of the part­­-time employment made on the student's work and performance are such that they will make it difficult for the student to achieve the objectives of the doctoral program.

7. The student's choice of residence may have no adverse impact on the student's ability to fulfill the duties and obligations under the doctoral studies program.

8. The student and the members of the supervisory team shall be obliged to abide by the rules of good practice in compliance with the articles on ensuring good scientific practice (code of conduct) of Freie Universität Berlin dated April 17, 2002 (FU Memoranda no. 29/2002). Among other things, this code stipulates that the students shall consult their supervisory team or other persons of trust in any case of doubt. This expressly includes the obligation for the members of the supervisory team to observe and specify any copyright provisions applicable to texts or findings.

9. All persons involved shall review and, if necessary, modify the Supervisor agreement and its appendices on an annual basis. In the event an extension is needed to complete the dissertation project beyond the end of the standard study period, a new supervisor agreement may, if necessary, be presented to the Representative for approval. All persons involved declare their consent to allow release of general information about the dissertation project for the purposes of statistical survey and evaluation by the Graduate School. Should the doctoral studies be interrupted, all of the persons involved are required to submit reasons in writing to the Representative.

Date and signatures:

___________________________________           (Student),


___________________________________           (Supervisor as defined in the

                                                                                 relevant rules and regulations for doctoral     studies –

                                                                                 (the Supervisor – and other

___________________________________           members of the Supervisory Team –

                                                                                or Mentors)


___________________________________           (The Representative of the

                                                                                 Doctoral Studies Program –