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International meeting on laminitis of the horse on november 11th.-13th. 2008 in Berlin

International Laminitis Symposium November 11th-13th 2008 in Berlin. Congress languages: English and German with simultaneous translation. For three days speakers from eight different countries will present the latest results from research and practical experience on equine laminitis.

For three days speakers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Australia and the USA presented results from research and practical experiences on laminitis.

We still have proceedings from this meeting. They can be ordered via email: laminits@vetmed.fu-berlin.de Furthermore a detailled and illustrated book (264 pages) has been published about this meeting. It may also be ordered through the above emailaddress.


Clinic for horses of the Free University of Berlin
German Association of Equine Veterinarians
GPM e.V.