Research profiles

Research Profiles

Varied – cooperative – interdisciplinary

The different subject areas and general conditions in the individual institutions offer an especially broad spectrum of different scientific research profiles. The variety of research activities conducted within the department offers a unique opportunity to successfully handle complex problems in interdisciplinary research groups using diverse methods. This means that both traditional and cutting-edge fields are available for our students and researchers to do veterinary research in this department.

In recent years, a number of areas of focus of our Veterinary Medicine’s research activities have successfully developed into strong cooperative projects (DFG research groups, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) projects) through years of cooperation within the department, for example:

In addition, we would also like to mention collaborative projects in which the Department of Veterinary Medicine is participating as part of the “Functional Genome Analysis in Animal Organisms” (FUGATO) initiative supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These projects are working on bacterial infections in poultry (the “E. coli Chick” project) and on high yield-related abnormal regulations in livestock (REMEDY, MeGa-M).

The department’s participation within the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (e.g., Institute for Animal Nutrition) is another of our activities that seems especially important with regard to European linking of research and teaching activities.

In the context of the new SFB 852 Nutrition and Intestinal Microbiota Host Interaction in the Pig (DFG 2009) our scientists will help to discover details about the impact of nutritional factors on the intestinal microbiota and the host reaction in pigs.