Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (WE09)


Panel "Veterinary Public Health"

Address: Brümmerstraße 10
Building 09
14195 Berlin

Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard Fries
Phone: +49 30 838 52790



Conventional microbiological as well as molecular biological methods are carried out (data on the prevalence of zoonotic agents are collected, isolates go into the molecularbiological analysis for further epidemiological insight). In addition, data on circumstances on the farms of origin, on lesions from meat inspection are collected, helping to understand interrelations.

From stages in the meat food chain, data are collected being meaningful for potential risks to human and animal health, aspects of animal welfare, aspects of meat quality, and of worker's safety.

Animal stocking techniques have improved, so preventive measures must change too. Such developments are an important field of scientific considerations, they are one major issue of the scientific work at the Institute. Studies are carried out mainly in the field of poultry and pork.

Teaching profile

  • Lectures (6th to 8th semester): Food Chain (Module I-III)
  • Facultative lectures (6th to 8th semester, small groups): How to write a thesis in VPH?; Case reports and discussion.
  • Special lectures (7th & 8th semester): discussion of special cases
  • Rotation (9th & 10th semester, small groups): praparation for practice and exams

Research profile

Current projects


  • annual congress for veterinarians
  • postgraduate courses for meat inspection personal
  • routine diagnosis
  • postgraduate Mastercourse: Master of Veterinary Public Health (in cooperation with International Animal Health and Chiang Mai University, Thailand)