Management structures and resources:

FoodBerlin will be administered by Dahlem Research School. The initiative will be led by a management team, including the deans of Vet Faculty at FUB (FUB-VM), Agricultural Faculty at HUB (HUB-AGRAR), and Bioscience Faculty at TUB. The Management Team will meet twice per year to decide on the overall strategy and action plan, but the day to day work will be carried out by an administrator.

Management team:

Prof. Jürgen Zentek, FUB (Head)

Participating centers:

Institute of Agriculturl and Horticultural Sciences (AGRAR), HUB.

Departmental Panel "Veterinry Public Health" (VPH), FUB.

Dahlem Research School (DRS), FUB.

Center for Antimicorbial Resistance (CAR), FUB