Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lothar H. Wieler

Curriculum vitae

Date of birth: 08.02.1961 Place of birth: Bonn-Beuel


1980 - 1982 School of veterinary medicine Freie Universitaet Berlin
1982 - 1985 School of veterinary medecine Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) Munich
1985 - 1986 Assistant in a veterinary practice in Lindenberg / Allgäu
1986 - 1987 Military service in the sanitary academy of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) in Munich
1988 Conferral of a doctorate in the institute for medical microbiology and infectious diseases, LMU Munich
1987 - 1990 Scientific assistant in the department for pathology, Universitaet Ulm
1990 - 1993 Scientific assistant in the institute for hygiene and infectious diseases of animals, Justus-Liebig-Universitaet (JLU) Giessen
1993 - 1998 Scientific assistant (C1) in the institute for hygiene and infectious diseases of animals, JLU Giessen
1996 Research residence in the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Center of Vaccine Development, Division of Bacterial Genetics, NIH grant
1996 State doctorate (postdoctoral lecture qualification) in infectious diseases and hygiene of animals, JLU Giessen
1997 Board certification (comparable to a successful completed residency program) for microbiolgy
1997 Authorization for advanced training units  (microbiolgy and animal hygiene)
1997 Young researchers award of the German Veterinary Association
since 1998 Appointment to the professorship for microbiology and epizootics on the school of veterinary medicine, Freie Universitaet Berlin
2002 - 2004 President of the section "Bacteriology and Mycology" of the German Veterinary Association
since 2003 Dean for research in the school of veterinary medecine, Freie Universitaet Berlin
since 2003 Editor of the "Berliner und Münchener Tierärztliche Wochenschrift" (BMTW)
since 2004 Diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Public Health
since 2005 Lieutenant Colonel (v.c.) on the reserve list, Geman Federal Armed Forces
2006 Member of the scientific advisory committee of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (Federal research institute for animal health)
since 2007 Member of the scientific curatorship of the academy for animal health
30.09.2007 main award of the DGHM (German Association for Hygiene and Microbiology)