E. coli III

Molecular epidemiological studies of Escherichia coli isolates from different animal host species and clinical signs by phylogenetic (MLST) typing and identification of virulence-associated and resistance genes


Within the framework of the BfT (Federal association for Animal Health) Germ-Vet Project, pathogenic E. coli isolates were previously collected from several different organ systems of host animal species, and tested for their phenotypic resistance against antimicrobial substances. A subsequent project now involves studies on a representative number of E. coli isolates from different host animal species, where MLST as also PCR analyses could give an indication about the Phylogenetic relatedness, as well as the distribution of virulence determinants and resistance genes among these isolates. This data would enlighten us about (a) the relatedness and indications of E. coli isolates from different animal host species (b) the specificity of the isolate to a particular host (c) the pathogenic potential of the strain (d) the distribution of resistance-mediator gene segments.