Magnesium in Translational Medicine 2014

Smolenice Castle / Slovak Republic

11-15 May 2014 - Smolenice Castle / Slovak Republic

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce The 1st European Magnesium Workshop dedicated to Magnesium in Translational Medicine. The workshop will take place in Smolenice Castle (Smolenice, Slovak Republic) from 11th until 15th May 2014. Our aim is to attract mostly young colleagues who are establishing their career by researching various aspects of magnesium action in basic and/or in applied science. The research committee of the workshop consists of world-renowned scientists who have significantly contributed to the field of magnesium research, namely, Andrea Fleig (University of Hawai, USA), Jeanette Maier (University of Milano, IT), Rhian Touyz (University of Glasgow, UK), Monika Schweigel-Röntgen (FBN Dummerstorf, DE), Stefano Iotti (University of Bologna, IT), Andre Mazur (INRA Clermont, FR), and Martin Kolisek (Freie Universität Berlin, DE).  Both the research committee and the organizing committee  (Martin Kolisek, Freie Universität Berlin, DE; Jürgen Vormann, IPEV Ismaning, DE; Jörg R. Aschenbach, Freie Universität Berlin, DE; Gerhard Sponder, Freie Universität Berlin, DE; Federica Wolf, Catholic Univeristy Roma, IT; Olga Krizanova, SAV Bratislava, SR) will work hard to accommodate the "field newcomers" among established members of the magnesium research community and to create a suitable and stimulating atmosphere for fruitful scientific discussions and contact-making.  To this end, we have incorporated into the programme of the conference a generous number of "Speaker's Corners", a format in which anyone can speak her/his mind and ask the experts any questions related to the field. The program covers sessions on: Magnesium in Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry; Magnesium in Implantology; Magnesium in Gynaecology and Obstetrics; Magnesium and Immune-Responses; Magnesium in Cardiovascular Research and Medicine; Renal Magnesium Handling and Systemic Magnesium Homeostasis; Magnesium, Metabolom and Medicine; Magnesium Detection in Biological/Clinical Samples. As some colleagues are carrying out exciting research on aspects of magnesium transport/homeostasis that might not be covered by the sessions listed, we have incorporated two sessions entitled "The best of the rest 1 & 2" hoping to promote "non-mainstream" topics. Each session will consist of a 45-minute keynote delivery by a highly ranked field specialist (invited), followed by a 30-minute talk presented by a junior researcher (invited), and 1 or 2 student talks (each of 20 minutes in duration) selected by the research committee.  The best student talk will qualify for the Award of Magnesia  (500 Euro and Trophy). The best poster presentation will also qualify for a Scientific Committee Prize (500 Euro). All workshop participants will have the opportunity to vote for the "Vox Populi Prize for the Best Poster" (500 Euro). One of the oral presentations will be awarded with the Rudolf J. Schweyen Trophy for Outstanding Work in Researching Molecular Aspects of Magnesium Homeostasis (500 Euro + Trophy).

We are looking forward to meeting you in Smolenice!

On behalf of organizing and scientific committees,


Dr.rer.nat. Martin Kolisek Ph.D.