WVEPAH Course in Turkey Health for Poultry Experts, October 17 – 22, 2016 Berlin

We are pleased to inform you that the course «Turkey specialized» will be held in Berlin, Veterinary Faculty from 17th to 22th October 2016. Please find here the announcement letter.

The Turkey team is formed of Prof. Hafez, Dr Helen Wojcinski (CA), Steven Clark (US) and Eric Gonder (US) “the dream team” in that field. At the end of the course a MCQ exam will be held.

Looking forwards to seeing you in Berlin!

News vom 07.07.2016

Turkey production, both in small family operations and in large scale industrial production units, is already very important and developing rapidly in many countries. As a veterinarian, you want to become an expert in the field of Turkey Health and Production. You have already attended many congresses, seminars or workshops in the field of Poultry, you have already done graduate studies and /or consider yourself experienced in this field, making you an expert in your region or country.

The objective of the WVEPAH education program is to offer a highly specialized training on all specific aspects of Turkey health; pathology, epidemiology, genetics, nutrition, immunology, management, etc., in a format usable in your daily practice.

Only a team of true specialists can train you to reach your goals: the WVEPAH educational program in Turkey is designed for you.

Everybody already working in the turkey industry knows the course masters (teachers) of the WVEPAH Turkey course: Prof. Dr. M. Hafez, Dr H. Wojcinski, E. Gonder, S. Clarke professionals recognized worldwide in the field of turkey health.

The training offered is organized in two successive programs (2016-2017) covering the relevant aspects of turkey health to enhance one’s efficiency in the field.

That training is delivered by professionals for professionals using a problem solving approach favoring exchanges on actual clinical cases suggested by Course Masters and participants, including practical work (wet labs). The formal academic part of the training already accessible from other sources is intentionally limited but available in course notes or suggested readings. Following the specialized “Turkey” module, participants who would complete the Module “Key disciplines in poultry health” including the “regulatory section” taught by an OIE representative, can obtain the academic “Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production” delivered by the University of Luxemburg and recognized worldwide by the OIE.

The participants in the WVEPAH poultry training program will join the international community of experts in Poultry Health and Production.

The curriculum and academic points are currently finalized and soon you will find all the details published on the WVEPAH website www.wvepah.org. If you have any further questions concerning the admission criteria and fees, please do not hesitate to contact: info@wvepah.org or visit www.wvepah.org.

The WVEPAH is a non-profit organization supported by the OIE.