As the application deadline collides with the festive season, please make sure to contact your referees well in advance!

We need two confidential references from either your current or former supervisors. In the application form you have to provide the contact details of these referees. Any reference provided by a person you have not mentioned will be rejected. Further, any reference letter sent by you or from a non-institutional email address will be rejected.

The referees should use only the reference form provided on this website. It is your own duty to download the form, fill in the contact details, and send the letter to the referees with the request for a reference in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that everyone is very busy with the end of the year drawing to a close. The referees have to send the completed and signed reference letter directly to us either by postal mail, fax or email (PDF or JPG attachment) from the institutional email address of the referee.

You have to make sure that both of your referees send their reference in time so that they will arrive in the coordination office no later than the application deadline. Otherwise your application is not complete and will be rejected. Hence, please make sure to inform your referees well in advance to give them sufficient time in their own schedule to write you a reference letter.