PDF application form

We do not require a separate CV from you - the PDF application form does the magic.

In the application form you will find a field “Research Interest”. Please choose 3 different research groups you would like to join. For groups with open positions you can find specific project outlines in the ’PhD projects’ section of this website.

Please always select three different groups, even if you are interested in performing a doctoral project in one of them only. If you are invited to the assessment center, you have to have three independent interviews with these three group leaders to judge your qualification.

The section “Research Interest” is the most important part of your application. You should clearly communicate why you are an ideal candidate for our PhD program. This section replaces your personal statement, so please do not upload a separate document for this. You will find three fields, where we kindly ask you to describe in your own words why you would like to join these research groups, why you would like to join the PhD program, and why you are the perfect fit. Another field is "My career plans". Here, we would like you to give a personal statement about your academic background and your general scientific interest, your expectations from the Research School and your plans for your professional future.