Prof. Dr. Rolf Berg
Prof. Dr. Rolf Berg
Prof Berg November 1991
Prof. Berg im November 1991
Bild: Prof. Berg bei der Übergabe eines ungewöhnlichen Doktorhutes
Bild: Prof. Berg bei der Übergabe eines ungewöhnlichen Doktorhutes


Rolf Berg, born in 1934 in Mecklenburg, studied veterinary medicine from 1953 until 1958 at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He obtained his doctorate at the Humboldt University in 1958, joined the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy in 1959 and earned his habilitation in 1964. He was appointed associate professor in 1974, the same year when he took over as head of the institute from his mentor Tankred Koch. He became full professor in 1983.

Together with his colleagues from the former East and West Berlin, he oversaw the successful merger of both veterinary anatomical institutes in 1993. Afterwards, he joined forces with the dean Prof. K. Hartung and became vice dean of the merged department of veterinary medicine.

From 1966 to 1968 and from 1977 to 1981, Rolf Berg was very successful in his role as professor of anatomy at the former University of Cairo in Egypt. He was also a visiting professor at universities in Iowa, USA, and Valdivia, Chile. In 1999, he retired in Berlin, having reached retirement age. However, he taught anatomy and did research at St. Kitts University in the West Indies until 2012.

By his engaging way of teaching, Rolf Berg managed to fill his students with enthusiasm for anatomy. He was also a highly esteemed member of the faculty and department of veterinary medicine and his work and research findings were highly valued among his peers.

The focus of his research was angiology, cardiology and topographic anatomy. His monograph „Angewandte und topographische Anatomie der Hausstiere" was dedicated to the latter research area. He also contributed to „Lehrbuch der Veterinär-Anatomie" by Tankred Koch, to „Wörterbuch der Veterinärmedizin“ (E. Wiesner, R. Ribbeck) as well as to „Topographie und Schlachttierleistungsprüfung“ (Gehrke/Berg/Rossow). Together with Professor Budras, he edited the German and English editions of the “Atlas zur Anatomie des Hundes” and “Atlas zur Anatomie des Pferdes”.

Rolf Berg oversaw 55 diploma theses, 92 doctoral theses, 3 habilitations as well as 140 publications. On 10 November 2014, veterinary medicine lost Prof. Dr. habil. Rolf Berg, an outstanding, internationally respected researcher and academic, who was also a warmhearted and reliable colleague.

K.-D. Budras, K. Hartung, Th. Hiepe sen., Hana Hünigen und Johanna Plendl